Email Analytics Campaign Comparison: Track Trends and Benchmark Your Results

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, there are two things we love here at Litmus: email and data. (Well, three things if you include Xbox FIFA.) We’ve tracked billions of opens across hundreds of thousands of campaigns in Email Analytics. If you love email and data as much as we do, you probably dig into your Email Analytics data shortly after you hit send.

Many of the questions we get from Email Analytics customers revolves around how to interpret this data. How do I know if I’m getting better? How do I know if my audience has “gone mobile”? The best thing to do is to compare your campaigns to each other over time. Look for trends. Are you getting more reads? More forwards? Where are you getting your opens—desktop or mobile clients? We’ve given this advice over and over again. But it’s cumbersome. You have to click through several screens or export your data to CSV files to do the comparison. We just had to make that easier.

Email Analytics Campaign Comparison

Now when you go into Email Analytics you’ll have the option to select multiple campaigns to compare.


After choosing your campaigns, hit the compare button and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll sort the campaigns by date. You’ll see your open, forward and print data side by side.


We’ll show you where your audience is opening your emails—desktop versus webmail versus mobile.


And we’ll plot your engagement over time.


Data is only useful in the proper context. Hopefully with this new tool in place you can start comparing yourself to the best benchmark—yourself.

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