Doctype launches

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Today we brought our new site, Doctype, out of private beta. Doctype is a new – free – question and answer site for web designers. If you’ve ever struggled with a CSS problem when designing a website or email template, you’ll love Doctype.

Litmus can help you find compatibility problems. Doctype can help you solve them.

We’ve got a few neat features that make Doctype better than other CSS sites and mailing lists…

  • Each question has browser (or email) compatibility screenshots
  • All content on Doctype is editable so it’s always up-to-date
  • You vote on answers so the best ones rise to the top
  • All CSS and HTML code is archived, along with the screenshots

Here’s a great example of a question, so you can see how it works.

Once you create an account you can begin earning reputation. Your reputation score is the heart of your account on Doctype. To earn a great reputation, just write great answers to other people’s questions. As people vote on your answers, you’ll get points. A higher reputation means you can do more on Doctype, like editing other people’s answers.

At the moment we don’t know exactly how Doctype will evolve. Rest assured we’ll be watching and participating every step of the way, and will work to make Doctype the single best resource for solving CSS problems on the web.

It’s going to be an exciting journey. I hope you’ll join us.