Did you know you can _____ with Litmus?

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Some of our customers (maybe you?!) have been using Litmus for a very long time. So long, in fact, that perhaps you’ve forgotten about some of the great features and tools that come free (yes, really!) with every subscription.

As we add new bits and bobs to our toolset, we want to make sure that you have the best Litmus experience possible and are using everything we have to offer. Now, it’s time to ask:

Did you know you can…

…Test emails without logging into Litmus first

Each user on a Litmus account has their own static email address. The static email address is just that—static—meaning that it’s permanent and reusable. Rather than manually starting a new email test for each message, you can quickly start a new test by just sending an email to your static address. To find your static address, visit the Extras tab after logging into your account:

Static Email Address

…Test dynamic content & multiple versions of emails

If you frequently build emails with multiple versions, you can also use your static email address to help automate testing for these complex campaigns. Most ESPs will allow you to send sample versions of a dynamic campaign to a single address: just enter your static address and their system takes care of making sure a copy of each version is sent along!

Note: we do not recommend using your static email address to run a spam test, as you will not receive your reputation scoring results.

…Get notified when your email test has completed

Instead of waiting around for your email test to complete, you can be notified via email and/or a direct message on Twitter that your test is ready for viewing. This can option can be found under the Account tab:

Notification Options

…Share reports with non-Litmus users

You can easily share email tests results, page tests results, and analytic results with individuals outside your Litmus account. In the Tests and Analytics tabs, each report includes a sidebar tab that allows you to publish a public-facing URL to share.

Sharing Reports

You can also selectively share which results you’d like to publicly share by ticking/unticking each result.

…Stay up to date with new features

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