Introducing Diane and Patrick

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I’m delighted to introduce the two newest members of the Litmus team, Diane Hadaya and Patrick Haney! Diane and Patrick

Meet Diane, Office Manager

Diane is in her fourth week here at Litmus, and is happy to report that it already feels like home (minus her three kids!). For the past 2 1/2 years, Diane has been providing administrative support to early-stage start-ups. Most recently she managed the office, calendar and events for the TechStars Boston class of 2011. At Litmus Diane has been busy assisting the team with a variety of administrative tasks, bookkeeping, maintaining calendars, email and travel bookings, and making sure we stay well-fed at lunchtime. Most of all, she enjoys working with people to solve problems and leave them with a happy experience.

When she’s not at Litmus, you can find her cheering on her kids’ hockey teams at rinks throughout New England or doing the Sunday crossword and suduko puzzles. Someday she hopes to learn a new language! Follow Diane on Twitter: @dianehadaya

Meet Patrick, Lead UI Designer

Patrick jumped right into UI design work at Litmus last week, working on integrating the Subject Line Checker directly into Email Previews. He’ll continue to work alongside both myself and our development team to improve the design and user experience of Litmus products as well as our website. In addition to his duties at Litmus, Patrick is a part-time instructor at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts, and speaks at conferences on the topics of productivity and design.

Prior to joining the team at Litmus, Patrick spent 5 years at Harvard University improving the design of their content/course management system before venturing out on his own to form Hanerino. When he’s not busy designing awesome stuff, you might find Patrick playing kickball, wearing a KERN sweatshirt, or drinking coffee (or beer) depending on the time of day. Follow Patrick on Twitter: @notasausage

Keep your eyes peeled for his handiwork to be released soon!