CSSVista – should we add HTML editing?

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We’d like your input. How important is HTML editing to you? Should we add that functionality to CSSVista, or should we continue to focus simply on the CSS side of things?

The problem is, building a full HTML editor is getting into Deamweaver territory. Your HTML may have server-side code in, so in theory you’d want code-completion, syntax highlighting, a fully-blown FTP/file management client, and so on. That’s probably taking on a bit more than we can handle (we’re never going to be able to build something as fully-featured as Dreamweaver).

However, what we could do is add basic HTML editing functionality, so that you could make “on the fly” changes to your code and upload those changes via FTP. You wouldn’t be able to upload other files (such as images), nor would it really be much use for doing a lot of server-side coding. And you’d still need your IDE of choice to create and upload all your files in the first place.

Personally, I think leaving HTML editing out altogether might be the better option. What do you think?