CSSVista launches

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This is pretty exciting. Today we’re launching CSSVista, our free Windows software that lets you edit CSS code live in Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously. It’s best to try it for yourself to see exactly how it works.

It’s available completely free of charge, in the hope that we’ll attract some people to download it who may also be interested in signing up for a SiteVista account.

You can download CSSVista here.

Bear in mind it’s only version 0.1. It shouldn’t explode, but everything may not be 100% smooth – please bear with us. We’ve had a lot of people asking for it, so we wanted to get it out there as early as possible. We’ve listed some known limitations on the download page linked above.

So, once you’ve tried it, let us know what you’d like to see in the next version. We’re keen, as always, to get lots of feedback. Some ideas we’ve had:

  • Integration with SiteVista (request screenshots of your page in other browsers, such as Safari, and view them within CSSVista)
  • Live HTML editing
  • FTP upload
  • Code colouring
  • An “outline block-level elements” feature, as seen in the Firefox Web Developer Extension

Credit where it’s due, this software was written by Matt, not David or I. He’ll be answering any support queries you may have. Either post a comment here, or email him directly.

I hope you like it!