Creative Typography in Email: Webinar Recap + Slides

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Many emails today have become heavily reliant on images. This may be a result of an increase in opens in email clients that handle images well, such as many of those installed on smartphones and tablets. However, many email clients, like Gmail and Outlook, block images by default. While satisfying the quirks of these clients isn’t reason enough to start employing the use of HTML text, providing your subscribers with a great experience is.

Beyond the Envelope’s Paul Airy joined us for a guest webinar on using creative typography in email. Paul took a look at the role of typography in email design and development. In particular, he focused on the creative use of HTML text, so that email designers can make emails that look great without compromising on user experience.

The webinar was really informative and full of great inspiration! And, it was definitely a hot topic — we had over 1000 people register! A lot of the attendees had questions that we weren’t able to get to during the Q&A, so we put together this post answering your questions.

Weren’t able to make it? Don’t worry — you can check out the slides and recordings!



Check out the recording in the video above!

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