You can now change your subdomain

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Here at Litmus we receive a steady trickle of people who want to change the subdomain used to access their account. Usually this is because the company has rebranded but sometimes people just want to move to something that’s a bit easier to remember.

Until now this has meant dropping us an email and one of our support staff making a manual change. But we decided to save some time for you and let you change this yourself, right inside your account.

You’ll need to be the account holder to do this (all individual plan customers are also account holders).

Next to the “Your URL” field on your account page, there is a new “Change subdomain” link.


If you follow this link you get through to a nice simple form that lets you enter a new subdomain. The usual restrictions to what you can use as a subdomain apply, such as no spaces and no special characters. You also can’t pick a subdomain that someone else has already used.


One quirk of the cookie authentication that we use on Litmus is that although we redirect you to your newly renamed subdomain, you will be logged out and need to log in again.

We’d love to hear your feedback, via Twitter, email or comments here on the blog.