Send Targeted Messages with Geolocation, Device, and Engagement Data

While your email service provider’s click data may help you determine which articles and calls-to-action resonate best with your audience, and their open data can enable you to make inferences about which subject lines work best, Email Analytics data can help you take things to the next level. Let’s talk about some ways to take this data and use it to improve your campaigns.

Litmus Behind the Scenes: How We Improved Testing Through Hundreds of Mac Minis

Our users put their emails and trust in our hands—which is a big deal to us! Not only do we want to provide accurate, actual screenshots (not emulations!), but we want to do it quickly and reliably. As a result, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our solutions faster and more dependable. Since we’re frequently asked about how Litmus works behind the scenes, we thought we’d give you a peek behind the curtain.

Community is Now Open to Everyone + A Giveaway: Part I

A while back, we launched the Litmus Community—a place for email designers and marketers to connect, share information, and troubleshoot problems. Initially, the Community was only open to Litmus customers. In the spirit of open sharing and growing the email design community, we’re now opening up the Litmus Community to everyone!

A Note About the Recent “Heartbleed” Vulnerability

Recently, a serious bug was uncovered in an open source library responsible for securing communications on the Internet. This vulnerability is colloquially referred to as “Heartbleed” and you’ve probably been hearing about it from various services you use online. The good news is that customers using Litmus were not affected!

Introducing Litmus Community

Email design is hard. Finding ways to connect with other designers and learn more about email has, until recently, been even harder. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Litmus Community—a place for email marketers to connect, learn, and discuss all things email.

image caching in gmail

What You Need To Know About Image Caching In Gmail

Google has introduced a number of features to Gmail lately. Along with tabs in the new inbox and an updated mobile client, you can add image caching to the list of changes that affect email marketers. Image caching and how it affects email tracking can be a confusing topic. We take a look at Gmail’s changes and what it means for email marketers.