Introducing Litmus Community

Email design is hard. Finding ways to connect with other designers and learn more about email has, until recently, been even harder. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Litmus Community—a place for email marketers to connect, learn, and discuss all things email.


Litmus Redesign: Your Favorite Testing Tool Gets a New Look

Litmus has always been focused on great design (we’re even hosting three conferences dedicated to it!). After nearly five years, we knew it was time to take our website and application to the next level. Over the summer, we did a major overhaul of our marketing site and blog. The feedback was amazing. With helpful ongoing feedback from our customers and the Litmus team, our designers and developers began an update on the Litmus application. After months of work, it’s finally ready to launch later this week. And, not to brag, but we think it’s pretty amazing.


Bulletproof Email QA: Litmus in the HubExchange

Back in July, we launched a HubExchange app for Litmus in the ExactTarget HubExchange marketplace. With the launch of the HubExchange marketplace, Litmus offers ExactTarget users an affordable and simple way to preview mobile rendering, gather behavioral data and preflight your campaigns. We know that creating a consistent email experience across screen sizes, devices, and […]

Email Design Monthly: Our Favorite Articles, Delivered To Your Inbox

That’s a wrap for Hack Week 2013! Last year I focused on building better website testing tools, but this year I wanted to try something different. As Litmus grows, we provide more than just a suite of web applications. This blog is full of resources for email designers and marketers, we’re even putting on the first-ever Email Design Conference this year!

Let us separate the wheat from the chaff. We’re summarizing all those insightful and informative links to email design and marketing articles into a single, infrequent digest, to be delivered right to your inbox every month.