Predictions for the Future of Email Marketing: Why It’s Time to Embrace Stricter Privacy Laws

Before the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in May 2018, we heard dire predictions that the new, stricter laws would shrink email lists, throttle new opt-ins, and damage marketers’ use of email to achieve their business goals. Marketing teams everywhere became afraid that their lists would shrink along with their ROI.

Now, two years after GDPR went into effect, where do we stand? Let’s take a look.

The Future of Email in 2020 and Beyond: The Email Marketing Trends That Will Really Matter

The email industry is constantly changing, but what are the trends that really matter in the years to come—and how can marketers prepare?

We asked leading industry experts to share their visions for how some of the most crucial elements of email marketing will change in the next decade. In our ebook The Future of Email in 2020 and Beyond, you’ll find their collective predictions for email’s future. Plus, we’ve created an infographic that covers the most crucial trends.

2020 State of Email Report: The Beginning of a New Email Decade

It’s 2020 and the beginning of a new decade. What hasn’t changed over the last 10 years? Email continues to reign as the channel of choice for marketing and business communications for consumers in all age groups, long after everyone predicted it would die out.

This year’s edition of our State of Email report details the key information you’ve come to rely on like email client news and key industry updates, but for 2020, we also look into the future with the help of Litmus team members and top thought leaders around the email industry.

[Report] 2019 State of Email Service Providers

In our second annual State of Email Service Providers report, we take a look at the top ESPs by team size and structure, location, industry, send frequency, and email program details. We’ll also take a look at how many ESPs brands use, depending on their team size and structure. Plus, along the way, we’ve asked some of the top ESPs to chime in on what makes them a great tool for marketers like you.

[Slide Template] Your Email Year in Review: Program Performance Reporting Made Easy

The most crucial step to successful marketing planning for the year ahead is understanding how your email channel performed over the past months. But what are the key questions you should ask when evaluating your program—and how do you effectively communicate your learnings to all stakeholders? With this free presentation template, putting together your annual email program performance recap just got a whole lot easier.

[Ebook] The Top 8 Email Campaigns from HubSpot & Litmus

Are you working hard to make your emails a little better every day? Us too. One of the best ways to drive email performance and improve campaigns is to put a laser-focus on the emails that really worked—the grand slam emails that outperformed other emails by a long shot.

In this ebook, the email marketing teams at Litmus and HubSpot share their proudest email moments, along with actionable advice on how to apply the strategies that worked for us to your campaigns, too.

[Ebook] The Anatomy of a Broken Email: Errors That Make Marketers Shudder and How to Fix Them

We’ve all been there: You spend a lot of time and effort crafting the perfect email, only to learn that the email that looked beautiful in your email editor doesn’t look great out in the real world. It doesn’t matter if you’re day 1 or day 1000 on the job, an email marketer by trade or by circumstance, a designer or a coder. Email mistakes happen to all of us—and they come in a lot of different shapes.

In this ebook, we look at the most common email mistakes that can impact the success of your campaign, break down what you can do to prevent them, and help you stop send anxiety in its tracks.