Become a Litmus patron

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We quietly added a special offer to the new site earlier. We’re making available 75 Litmus patron accounts. These accounts get a whole host of things which aren’t part of our regular packages. They’re also a really amazing deal. You get a package worth €5,200, for just €325.

Before we’ve even started promoting them we’ve already sold 7 accounts – that’s just in the past few hours. We even had one client offer us triple the price in order to extend his patron account indefinitely (they’re normally valid for two years).

Why are we running this promotion? We’d like to expand our product line by building some OS X and Windows software clients for Litmus, but could do with some extra R&D money to invest in developing them. Offering a small number of patron accounts seemed like a good way of raising some additional cash for the side project.

So, if you’d like to support Litmus and get a pretty incredible deal, sign up for a patron account.

Thanks to everyone who has already joined!