Automatically Tag Tests with Your Static Email Address

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Static email addresses provide a permanent, reusable email address to submit email tests to Litmus. If you’d rather not click the “new email test” button every time you’re ready to send a test, your static email address is the way to go! Each Litmus user/login has their very own static email address which can be found in the Extras tab in your account.

Using tags with your static email address

Tags are an easy way to organize your tests inside your account and make them easy to search, label, sort and view. Now, adding tags to email tests is simple when used in conjunction with your static email address. Just add the desired tags (separated by plus signs) to the end of your static address. It should look something like this:

Your email test will be tagged with each term that follows a plus sign (+), and you can add as many tags as you need! Just keep in mind that you’ll need to use a dash or other character instead of spaces if you’d like to include more than one word in a single tag. When adding multiple tags, be sure to separate each tag with a new plus sign (+).

Your tags will appear on the dashboard page in your account, and in the right-hand sidebar for that specific test:

You can also read more about static email addresses over in our super-useful help files.