Yahoo! Mail Beta Launch

For the past couple of weeks Yahoo! has been transitioning their users from the older Yahoo! Mail to the new one. The new Yahoo! Mail has been in beta for some time now (and available for testing within Litmus). Overall it’s faster to use, has better mobile support, and has pretty decent email rendering. We’ve […]

Downtime on Sunday, November 28

As part of our continued expansion we’re moving part of our infrastructure to larger, more powerful servers hosted with Rackspace. The key benefit is that in future we’ll be able to scale up that part of the system with minimal downtime. The process will take up to 6 hours, beginning at 3am EST on Sunday, […]

Early Preview of Facebook Messages

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get early access to the new Facebook Messages. I’ve spent some time looking at its support for HTML email and wanted to report back on my early findings. In short: it’s looking quite promising. Plain text is king When you first open an email, the plain text part will […]

Webinar Q&A with Chris Studabaker

After our popular Mobile Email Design webinar (you can watch the recording if you missed it), we had lots of follow up questions from attendees. I sat down with Chris Studabaker to cover some of them for you. Video support for mobile Steve Roberts: Do you know where video support is heading for mobiles? Chris […]

Mobile Email Design Webinar

Today we ran the third of our guest webinars, this time with Chris Studabaker from ExactTarget. Chris spoke about Email Design in the Age of the Mobile Inbox. It was a great success – we had almost 1,000 people registered. Mobile email design sure is a hot topic right now. Chris covered: the current state […]!

This week we officially acquired the domain name! We’re very happy to have got such a snappy name—it’s a big improvement over our previous domain. Our main site has already been moved, and over the next few days we’re transitioning all our customer’s accounts to as well. All of your published tests […]

Email Deliverability Webinar

This week we ran the second of our guest webinars with Tamara Gielen, an email marketing guru who gave a fantastic presentation on email deliverability. Tamara explains how ISPs filter messages, and gives practical advice on what you can do to help your messages get delivered. She also covers the recent developments with Gmail’s priority […]

Priority Inboxes and Email Analytics

Email providers are now using engagement to determine whether your email will reach your subscribers’ inboxes. There’s no doubt that engagement is becoming an essential metric to measure, but how do you track it? Gmail recently announced their Priority Inbox and Hotmail uses similar techniques to filter messages sent to their users. What’s interesting is […]

Email Analytics API

Send lots of email campaigns? Want to track them all using Litmus Email Analytics? It’s now possible to automate that process using our new API. The feedback for Litmus Email Analytics has been fantastic so far. People are beginning to discover things about their subscribers that they never knew before, and using those insights to […]

Preview: Litmus Email Analytics

Earlier today I ran a 30 minute webinar to preview our forthcoming product: Litmus Email Analytics. The response was incredible, with almost 1,000 people attending and hundreds of questions, tweets and emails. What is Litmus Email Analytics? Litmus Email Analytics gives you data about your email campaigns that you’ve never had before. It tracks the […]