page testing

Why We’re Saying Goodbye to Page Testing

Today, we’re saying goodbye to one of Litmus’ very first features—Page Testing.

This wasn’t an easy decision. Interestingly, Page Testing is actually where Litmus first started. Years ago, it was all that we offered—and we didn’t want to let it go without a proper goodbye.

Microsoft litmus parternship

Litmus and Microsoft Partner to Make Email Better

Litmus and Microsoft are teaming up to make email better for thousands of email marketers—and the hundreds of millions of people who use Microsoft email products. Learn more about this exciting historic partnership. Through the partnership, we’ll help Microsoft prioritize email rendering bugs in Outlook, identify issues faster, and announce improvements and fixes to the community.

Litmus Partners with Spectrum Equity

Over the course of a decade, Litmus has grown into the product and company you see today—a vital resource that is used by over 250,000 email marketers every month. I’m excited to announce that we’re setting ourselves up for even bigger successes in the next ten years. We’ve taken a $49 million investment from Spectrum Equity.

New Email Metrics: Two seconds to make an impression

Our data shows that 51% of recipients delete your email within two seconds of opening it. I can tell you this because I’ve been examining the data we’ve collected from our new Email Analytics tool. We’ve tracked more than 4 million opens across hundreds of different email campaigns. There are some very revealing statistics. Here’s […]

A New Home for PutsMail at Litmus

PutsMail is a simple tool that lets you paste in HTML and send an email. Simple as that sounds, it can be quite tricky to deliver the template or email you’re working on—even to your own inbox. Logging into your mailing service or ESP will do it, but there are often many steps involved. PutsMail reduces that workflow to a single click. We’re excited to relaunch PutsMail with a fresh, Litmus-inspired design.

Job Openings at Litmus

We’re currently hiring a Lead UI Designer and an Account Manager.  We’d love to have someone join our team who’s already familiar with our products. If you’ve used Litmus in the past, perhaps you’d be interested in joining our team in Cambridge, MA? We have lots of nice perks like 28 days paid vacation, daily catered lunch, free beer […]