How To Send a Hidden Version of Your Email That Only Apple Watch Will See

Litmus user Dan Foody has discovered something very exciting about the Apple Watch. There’s a way to send a hidden version of your email campaign that only the Apple Watch will display. This gives you a lot more flexibility in your design. In this post, we’ll cover how to introduce a third part into your HTML email: text/watch-html, as well as tips on how to make it look great.

Reputation-based Spam Reports

If there’s one piece of feedback we receive on an almost daily basis, it’s that our spam filtering should take into account the sender’s reputation. Today we’re thrilled to announce that Litmus now offers comprehensive, reputation-based spam filter testing! Why does reputation matter? Roughly speaking, about 50% of the decision to deliver your message to […]

Upload your email’s HTML to Litmus

Many of you have sent us feedback indicating that it’s not always possible for you to test your HTML newsletter designs in Litmus, because we require you to send an email to us. If you’re not using an email service provider or an email client that supports such a feature, sending your HTML designs as […]

Yahoo! Mail Classic and join Litmus

We’ve just added Yahoo! Mail Classic and email clients to Litmus’ email testing service. They’re available to all Litmus customers immediately. Yahoo! Mail comes in two flavours. Yahoo! Mail, the most popular, has been available within Litmus for sometime. Yahoo! Mail Classic, an older, less resourceful version of Yahoo!’s webmail service is still being […]

Download a zip file of your results

Phew, yet another new feature to announce today! Litmus tests now include a link to download all of your result images. You’ll see this link as soon as your test completes. They’ll be bundled together as a zip file ready for you to view in your favourite image viewer. Today we’re also announcing that we’re […]

Quickly recapture a page in just one browser

Update: We’re Saying Goodbye to Page Testing In order to simplify and focus our efforts on what we love most and what we do best—email—we’ve decided to remove our Web Page Testing feature from Litmus. Page Testing will be retired on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Learn more → Another frequently requested feature has been added […]

Send your tests to a single, static email address

Today I’m thrilled to announce that all Litmus Email Testing customers now have their own unique, static email address that’ll never change. What’s a static email address? Usually, when you use Litmus to test your email newsletter, you click the “Start test” button and a randomly generated email address is created for you (, for […]

Google announce new web browser

Google announced their latest product offering today, Google Chrome. With as simple an interface as you’d expect from Google, Chrome has a lot to offer and is very enjoyable to use. Chrome is currently available for Windows only, a Mac version is under development. Chrome uses WebKit to render web pages, the same rendering engine […]

Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft have just announced their latest beta release of Internet Explorer. Microsoft say the focus of this milestone has been features, rather than rendering differences, so I won’t go into too many details here. If Explorer 7’s release pattern was anything to go by, we should see a final release of Explorer 8 by February […]