Gmail Continues to Shift the Market Share Landscape

Mobile Gmail apps for both Android and iOS download images automatically and serve them via Google’s caching service. As users update to the new mobile Gmail apps, we’re seeing image caching affect mobile open rates, specifically opens made with the Gmail app on Android. As Gmail open rates rise, there has been a corresponding drop in Android opens. Since January, Android opens have dropped 34%—now representing 8% of opens.

Mobile Maintains 51% Majority; Gmail Gains 3%

After meeting (and exceeding!) the 50% tipping point in November, mobile opens maintained their majority share through December. For the first time since May 2012, webmail opens netted an increase—moving from 18% to 20% of opens. Meanwhile, desktop opens decreased from 31% to 29%. Earlier in December, Gmail shook things up with big announcements which contributed to another major change in email client market share.


Have Webmail Users Gone Mobile?

In the last year, mobile opens have increased 24% (from 41% to 51% of total opens), while webmail opens have decreased 36% (from 28% to 18% of total opens). On the surface, it appears as though mobile opens continue to grow at webmail’s expense, but is that really the case?


For the Love of Email

It’s the final days leading up to the last stop in our little #TEDC13 tour. And what a wild ride it’s been. It’s hard to believe that it was just six months ago when Paul walked by my office and said “let’s put on a conference.” From dozens of speaker submissions, contracts, prep calls, hurricanes and train delays, to that thrilling moment when we kicked off day one… I’m beyond proud of every speaker, every presentation, every detail of what we’ve accomplished. And if it’s even possible, I love email more than ever.

Get Your Email Reviewed at The Email Design Conference

The first Email Design Conference in San Francisco was a big success! We heard lots of great feedback and suggestions about speakers, content, and even the food. A common thread we heard from many attendees was a desire to share what they were working on while getting feedback on how they could improve. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the addition of live email optimization sessions during TEDC London and Boston!