How to Write Captivating Email Subject Lines, featuring Joanna Wiebe

When it comes to writing email copy, it’s not hard to see why so much focus is spent on subject lines. Chances are that your subscribers receive many permission–based emails every single day. If your subject line isn’t compelling, not only will it not get opened, but there’s a chance that it won’t even be seen. Joanna Wiebe shares her tips for creating captivating subject lines that get opened.

How to Write Great Email Copy featuring Ann Handley

Writing for email may be one of the most difficult jobs in marketing. Different segments require different messaging. The devices your subscribers are using affect the perceived value of your copy. (What’s helpful on desktop may be long and laborious on mobile.) And subject lines? You have just a few short words to compel your subscribers to open, otherwise all that copy you wrote has significantly less impact. The words we choose matter.

Google’s New Smart Reply Feature for Inbox: Here’s How it Works

This week, Google announced it will be rolling out a nifty new feature to its Inbox app called Smart Reply. The idea behind it is simple: after you receive an email to your inbox, Google will suggest—or perhaps more appropriately, predict—phrases to use when replying. But, is this a cool, useful new feature? Or yet another “yay, technology” moment that’ll never generate any widespread adoption?

alto mail app

A First Look at AOL’s Alto Mail App: What Email Marketers Need to Know

AOL has reintroduced its webmail app, Alto. Alto supports all the global email providers, allows you to pull them all together in one inbox, and easily switch between them all in one app. Beyond the usual display options in most email apps, Alto boasts some pretty unique organizational tools that automatically highlight important (and personal) information so it’s easier to find. In this post, we’ll cover Alto’s features, and how it displays email.