A Note About the Recent “Heartbleed” Vulnerability

Recently, a serious bug was uncovered in an open source library responsible for securing communications on the Internet. This vulnerability is colloquially referred to as “Heartbleed” and you’ve probably been hearing about it from various services you use online. The good news is that customers using Litmus were not affected!

You can now change your subdomain

Here at Litmus we receive a steady trickle of people who want to change the subdomain used to access their account. Usually this is because the company has rebranded but sometimes people just want to move to something that’s a bit easier to remember. Until now this has meant dropping us an email and one […]

A login experiment

Following on from a blog post by Jakob Nielsen about the usability of password fields, and a follow up by Bruce Schneier we decided to have a little experiment with the Litmus login page. We realised that whenever we get the option to unmask a password while entering one in everyday desktop apps (specifically Mac […]

Building a scalable Litmus

You may remember a few months back that we had to apologise for hitting some serious problems when trying to scale the service. Ever since then I’ve been striving to find a way to help the Litmus website cope with the ever increasing traffic from our expanding customer base. Today I’m happy to say that […]

New system status and updates

Today we’re excited to add a feature we think is going to really help us to keep the lines of communication open with our customers. System status and updates is a combination of two data feeds we serve from twitter accounts, system status will give you a quick snap shot of any delays to our […]