subscriber reengagement

3 Steps to Successful Subscriber Reengagement

Relationships with your subscribers begin just like any other—with a pretty exquisite honeymoon period. As time passes, though, interest tends to wane. Another coupon code? Meh. 30 more photos of cute cats? Yawn. A newsletter full of untargeted content? Really? Not to worry! Just because the initial spark is gone doesn’t mean you have to grow apart. Through strategic reengagement campaigns, you can remind subscribers that you’re unforgettable (because that’s what you are).

Gmail Does It Again: The New Promotions Tab

If one topic dominated email marketing conversations in 2013, it was definitely Gmail tabs. The auto-organization of consumer inboxes struck general fear and uncertainty in the hearts of email marketers everywhere. Buckle your seatbelts, my friends. Gmail has done it again—displaying messages in a grid format with heavy emphasis on visuals rather than just plain text.

Behind the Email: Launching Community

Launching the Litmus Community—a hub for any and all conversations about email design, marketing, and code—was an exciting announcement for our team. We didn’t want to launch Community with just any average marketing email. We wanted the message to resonate strongly with users and illustrate the idea that every email marketer and designer has a true home in the Litmus Community. Our Content Designer, Kevin, upped the ante by suggesting we add animation to the email. Find out how we did it!

Introducing Matt

As a longtime Litmus fanboy and customer myself, I’m excited to join the team here. The idea of my new position is very meta: I’m an email marketer creating email marketing campaigns about email marketing and sending them to email marketers. As many (hopefully most!) of you are part of that audience, let’s get to know one another, shall we?