Announcing the Community Giveaway Winners for Litmus Live 2014!

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A few weeks ago, we made some huge updates to the Litmus Community. Aside from a visual overhaul and making contributing to the Community easier than ever, we opened it up to everyone. Now, email practitioners the world over can connect with one another, regardless of whether or not they are actual Litmus customers.

The response has been fantastic.

Since then, over a thousand new members have joined the Community. More importantly, people are discussing topics that affect every one of us and helping each other solve problems. They’ve opened each other up to new ways of testing emails, helped identify and fix a new Yahoo! bug, and discussed their favorite email hacks.

To help celebrate such an important milestone, we decided to give away a few prizes.

1 Free Year of Litmus

To help spread the word about Community opening up, we gave two people a free year of Litmus service.

Congratulations to Clinton Wilmott and Nathan Iverson.

By tweeting about the Community using the hashtag #LitmusCommunity, Clinton now has access our Basic plan for an entire year, allowing him to test his emails in over 30 different email clients.

By signing up and contributing to the Community, Nathan has won a year of our Premium plan—including the world’s best email testing and tracking tools.

A Trip to Our Conference

The big winner is Alex Ilhan, for his numerous and knowledgeable contributions to the Litmus Community.

Not only did Alex participate in a ton of discussions, helping others solve a multitude of problems, he also helped educate us all on using Sass in email design, building a responsive email from scratch, and even setting up a countdown timer using PHP.

Alex will be joining us in Boston in August for The Email Design Conference. We’ll be flying him out and putting him up in a nice hotel for the duration.

If you’re attending, be sure to say hi to Alex and thank him for helping make the email design community better!

We’re just getting started with the Litmus Community. We have lots of new features planned for the future (and maybe a few giveaways, too). If you have any thoughts about how to make the Community better, email me. Be sure to join in Community discussions, help people out with code questions, or start up a new article in the Learning Center.

Stay tuned for all the news on #LitmusLive

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