Android Climbs in Market Share; Mobile Email Opens Up 138%

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In last month’s market share video, we predicted that mobile opens would continue to increase throughout the 2012 holiday season.

That prediction proved true: we saw mobile opens increase from 41% in November to 43% in December. Overall, that’s a 138% increase in the last 18 months, and a 48% increase in 2012.

Other notable factoids:

  • Android beat out Yahoo! Mail to advance up to #6 on our list. Android opens hovered between 4-8% throughout 2012. Since Android blocks images by default, this figure is likely underrepresented.
  • iOS continues to grow: starting out at 24% in 2012, iPad and iPhone opens finished the year with a massive 36% combined share.
  • Comparing December to November, we also saw a small increase in desktop clients for the first time in months, along with a corresponding dip for webmail (about 3%).

With this kind of growth, I wouldn’t be surprised to see mobile opens taking a majority lead in 2013!


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