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Inspired by services such as Browsercam, Browser Photo and URL2Image, but at the same time frustrated by their lack of features and complexity, David and I have developed SiteVista.

It’s certainly similar to the above services, but we’re adding a whole load of extra ways you can test your web pages, and (with a nod towards 37Signals’ “less software” approach) made the whole experience much less painful.

How about web page screen captures in every web browser that show the entire page, even if it scrolls?

How about videos of your pages loading on different internet connection speeds?

How about accessibility testing – including text-only browsers, color blindness approximations, and an MP3 of your page as read by a screen reader?

SiteVista has been developed from the ground up by people involved in designing and running sites on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been designing sites for clients (under the name Salted Web Design) since 1998, and along with David’s technical know-how have produced a service we’re both really proud of.

We’d be delighted to hear people’s comments and ideas, as we’re looking to work closely with our users from day one. Use the comments section on this blog, or email us (

Get ready for June 6th!