All About Deliverability: Webinar with Al Iverson

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In this fantastic webinar on email delivery with Al Iverson, he explains how spam filtering has evolved from a content-based system to one that weighs dozens of factors, often without human oversight. Al also provided lots of best practices and advice for making it to the inbox, touching on many topics:

  • Getting permission to send
  • Building (and managing) reputation
  • Focusing on engagement

Deliverability is notoriously complex, but many of the factors that can lead to getting marked as spam or blocked are actually in the hands of marketers. Things like choosing private IP, providing engaging content, managing bounces and setting up authentication are your responsibility, but aren’t always well-documented or well-known.

Watch the hour-long webinar for all the details, and check out the slides below:

You should also check out Al’s blog over on the ExactTarget site—he frequently covers the latest and greatest. Additionally, most ESPs usually have great delivery guides, with specific tips for their systems. See what resources and services your mail provider offers! Here’s a few of our favorites:

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