Alkaline 2.0: Test emails on your Mac

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Update: As of May 2014, we have retired Alkaline. We recommend testing directly within the browser so you get the most out of testing, including Image Check, Link Check, Subject Line Checker, Interactive Testing, Code Analysis, and more for your email tests. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email!

Today we’ve released Alkaline 2.0. Alkaline is our Mac OS X application that lets you use Litmus from right on your desktop.

The biggest change in this version is support for email testing. You can now test your email templates using Alkaline. It’s really smooth. Grab an HTML file from your local machine and Alkaline will upload it to Litmus to be tested across up to 19 different email clients.

You can even ask Alkaline to automatically bring your email template’s CSS inline before testing. Doing this drastically improves the compatibility of your template on Outlook 2007 and Gmail.

Alkaline remains completely free to download, and you can even use it with a free Litmus account to test on only Gmail and Outlook 2003. Sign up for a paid Litmus account and you’ll get access to all 19 email clients and 24 web browsers.

Our thanks to Shiny Development for their fantastic work on this release!