Announcing Alkaline for Windows

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Sprint Week has been exactly that—a sprint! This week, each of the developers at Litmus have been working hard to design and implement something (anything!) that would help drive business here at Litmus.

Brendan had a ton of great ideas, and I imagine it was hard for him to finally choose one to focus on. Since Brendan often works with our reseller partners and customers on integrations with our API, it was no surprise that his sprint week project would utilize our Customer API.

Now PC aficionados can start new email and page tests in a native app on their Windows machine!

Alkaline for Windows connects to your Litmus account, allowing you to test email and page designs without opening a web browser:

Now Windows users can test emails in Apple’s Mail right from their desktop:

Simply enter your Litmus credentials, paste your HTML into Alkaline, and get screenshots in minutes.

While Mac users have been able to utilize Alkaline to test emails via Litmus with a native app for years, PC users were left out in the cold. Alkaline for Windows is compatible with Windows XP and later.