Alive and Kicking

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The more astute readers of this blog may have noticed that our posts have been few and far between over the last few months.

Whilst some may put this down to abandonment, this definitely isn’t the case and some big progress has been made behind the scenes with the team responsible for SiteVista, as well as with the service itself.

The first major piece of news is that SiteVista is becoming part of a new UK limited company. Allow me to present Salted Services Limited, a company co-owned by the three main people running SiteVista.

Just to refresh your memory, a quick run down of the permanent staff at Salted Services…

  • Paul Farnell is the original founder of SiteVista, which he launched back in May 2005. Paul is an accomplished designer working with clients through his Salted(not to be confused with Salted Services) web design consultancy. Paul came up with the original concept for SiteVista, does all the design work and answers the bulk of the support e-mails we receive.
  • Matt Brindley is our resident development guru. Matt is responsible for the utterly fantastic CSSVista CSS editing application, he is a very experienced developer whose involvement in SiteVista has brought us along leaps and bounds. Matt blogs at
  • David Smalley is me, I’ve been helping to run SiteVista since the very start. Originally my responsibilities lied with setting up and looking after the servers. In recent years I have specialised in web application development, which is something I hope to bring to the SiteVista party. My personal blog is at

So that’s a quick run down of who we are – and the skills we are using to make SiteVista a better application. I’d love to tell you more about the exciting changes afoot but I’m a firm believer in not creating vapourware announcements and these details will begin to trickle out naturally over the next few months.