A New Home for PutsMail at Litmus

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As you might have heard, Litmus recently acquired PutsMail.

PutsMail is a simple tool that lets you paste in HTML and send an email. Simple as that sounds, it can be quite tricky to deliver a test of the template or email you’re working on—even to your own inbox. Logging into your mailing service or ESP will do it, but there are often many steps involved. PutsMail reduces that workflow to a single click. It’s really handy.

Originally developed by Pablo Cantero, PutsMail got its start back in 2010. Pablo experienced first-hand the difficulty of sending HTML emails to himself for cross-platform testing. He built PutsMail.com to help others in the same situation.

PutsMail reminds us of why we started Litmus. Nearly ten years ago, tools for cross-browser web testing were slow, expensive and poorly designed. We built Litmus (then called SiteVista) to solve a problem David, Matthew and I experienced as freelance web designers and made it accessible to others like us.

We’re excited to relaunch PutsMail with a fresh, Litmus-inspired design. To celebrate the occasion, we asked Pablo for his thoughts:

How did PutsMail get started?

In late 2010, a friend asked me to create some HTML emails. Before that project, I had no experience building emails and I, very innocently, thought that HTML for email was like HTML for websites. After a few rendering fails on email clients, I realized the two were very different. I began researching and learning about HTML email and found it very difficult to test my emails because most of the available tools were paid or required registration. All I wanted to do was paste in my code and send it to myself, or my friend for his approval. That’s when PutsMail got started. I initially created it for my own testing purposes, but then opened it as a free tool to help others with the same needs.

Were you surprised to see PutsMail become so popular?

For sure! PutsMail started as an unpretentious project, but after a while, seeing people using it on a daily basis, tweeting, and sending emails to say thanks was super rewarding. I couldn’t imagine that a such simple, yet effective, project could achieve this amount of positive feedback and pick up.

Did it feel strange to hand off the project after working on it yourself for several years?

Actually, the opposite happened. I feel good about Litmus taking over its development. They are the best in the email testing industry and, unfortunately, I could no longer dedicate the time that PutsMail needed. I know it’s in better hands now! By the way—I love the new PutsMail site design! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m really looking forward to the increased visibility that PutsMail will receive, consequently helping more and more people.

We will continue to offer PutsMail as a free, standalone tool for you to perform quick tests for newsletters and templates. Our own team uses and loves PutsMail, so we understand the importance of keeping its functionality intact.

We’re incredibly proud to have this opportunity to support the development of tools like PutsMail, and hope to encourage similar efforts in the email community.

If you’ve never used PutsMail before, why not take it for a spin? I’d love to hear your feedback.