6 Gmail Changes Every Email Marketer Should Know [eBook]

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Over the past year, Gmail has been through a whirlwind of changes. As if all of its rendering and CSS quirks didn’t make Gmail a pain for email designers already, these recent updates have kept the email marketing world on its toes. Should designers and marketers be concerned about these updates to Gmail? What, if anything, should we do in response? Our eBook gives you the information you need to be a Gmail expert, along with recommendations and tips for reacting to the changes.

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Quick actions

Learn about the five types of quick actions, and how they allow users to convert from email without opening.

Tabbed inbox

Some claim the Promotions tab means death to email, while others say it’s much ado about nothing. Should you be concerned?

Image caching

While safer images are wonderful for Gmail users, Google’s new image caching poses numerous challenges for email marketers and designers.

Automatic image enablement

Email designers rejoice! Gmail subscribers will, by default, see your designs and associated content. However, keep in mind that open rates may be affected.


While auto-unsubscribe makes it easier for subscribers to remove themselves from your list, we take a look at why this may not be a bad thing.

Promotions tab grid view

Taking a play out of the Pinterest playbook, Gmail is bringing large graphics and infinite scrolling to the Promotions tab. Learn how to optimize your emails for this new inbox.


Download the full eBook and learn how you can optimize your emails for Gmail.

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