Pay as you go with our new 24 hour passes

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Update 12/2011 – We no longer offer 24 hour passes for Litmus. Since all Litmus plans are monthly subscriptions, you are welcome to cancel at any time. If you only need Litmus temporarily, we invite you to sign-up for the month you need the service, and come back whenever you’d like! Your account will remain open after cancellation, but payments will not be taken.

From today there’s a more affordable way to pay for a Litmus account: 24 hour passes.

24 hour pass24 hour passes are perfect if you only need to run compatibility tests of your web sites or email newsletters occasionally. There’s no monthly commitment and the price is very reasonable. The best part is: you can perform an unlimited number of tests during those 24 hours! We’re delighted to be able to offer the full power of Litmus on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You can get your first 24 hour pass using our new 2-minute sign up process.

We’ve had a lot of people ask us to offer some kind of per-test pricing for Litmus. We didn’t like this idea, since we feel that the testing process by its nature is incremental and iterative. Try changing something, run a test, change something else, run a test, etc. To make Litmus truly fit into people’s workflow it needs to do two essential things: perform tests super-fast; and not limit the number of tests you can run.

Our answer to this was the 24 hour pass. You can run an unlimited number of tests in the 24 hour period. We anticipate people using it to test a single web page template or email newsletter. 24 hours should be adequate for getting a single design looking great across all the different browser/email client environments. If you need to test more than a few designs a month, you’re better off on one of our subscription plans, but we feel the new passes will cater for people who need to perform testing less frequently.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent us feedback over the past few months. We do listen, and most of the work we do is based upon the feedback we’re getting from clients. As usual, let us know your thoughts in the comments!