Graymail Features Roll Out to Hotmail Users

After announcing their “graymail” initiative in October this year, Hotmail started implementing changes and new features in customers’ inboxes last week. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you can expect to see in your Hotmail account. Persistent Flags I received an email from Hotmail on 12/16 that contained an overview of the […]

Facebook Messages Are Dead

At least when it comes to sending email. Last November, Facebook introduced it’s new “Social Inbox” messaging system, which included the option to have messages sent to your Facebook account through your very own email address. Shortly after that announcement, we started tracking emails opened using Facebook messages with our Email Analytics technology. So […]

A New Look for Email Client Selection

If you’ve run a new test using Email Previews recently, you might have noticed a few changes. Today we launched a new email test selection screen that includes more information and a better experience when selecting which components you’d like to be included in your test: Here are some of the changes and improvements you’ll […]