Why does anyone still use IE6?

Digg recently ran a survey of their remaining IE6 users. The results are fascinating. The main reason people still use IE6 is because they have no choice. Source: Digg IE6 survey As you can see from Digg’s survey results, 76% of people aren’t able to upgrade from IE6 because of restrictions beyond their control. That […]

Calling all web designers

We’ve kept this under wraps for a while now, but we’re working on a new site. It’s called Doctype. It’s a question and answer site for web designers. If you’ve ever struggled to solve a compatibility problem with a website or email design, this site will save you time. And it’s completely free. I’ll talk […]

What should we build next?

Today we’re launching a feedback forum for Litmus. It’s your chance to tell us what features you’d like us to build next. You can vote for the ideas you like the best, so the ones that are most frequently requested rise to the top of the list. We currently do this internally, based upon feature […]