Automated email testing with a desktop application

Geert De Laet recently contacted me to tell me about a desktop application he built. It helps his designers test their emails more efficiently using Litmus. Geert works for LUON, a company in Belgium with an email marketing product called EmailGarage. Here’s a screenshot of Geert’s application: The designers at LUON were put off testing […]

Email, Twitter and IM notifications

Wouldn’t it be nice to set your email or browser test running, then be alerted the moment it’s finished? From today, Litmus can send you these notifications by email, Twitter, Gtalk or AIM. To set up your notifications, just start a new test in your Litmus account. Once your test is processing you’ll be offered […]

A hint of what’s to come

Last week we received our first batch of iPod Touch devices. Our current development focus is on launching a comprehensive range of mobile devices, for both email and browser testing. We can’t give an exact date for the launch just yet, but these iPod Touches will be being shipped to the data centre soon!

Automating Litmus tests at Yahoo!

Tyler Hall wrote to tell us how his team at Yahoo! is using Litmus as part of their deployment process. I think it’s a fascinating example of how to use Litmus. Note that it is fairly technical and involves some manual configuration, though. Tyler’s PHP script (which is available on GitHub) automates the process of […]

Setting expectations

Today we’ve rolled out a new feature that shows how long your test will take to complete. It’s a simple addition to the user interface, but behind the scenes it’s taking live statistical data and adapting it to the specific options you’ve chosen for your test. It’s part of something we’ve been thinking a lot […]