Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft have just announced their latest beta release of Internet Explorer. Microsoft say the focus of this milestone has been features, rather than rendering differences, so I won’t go into too many details here. If Explorer 7’s release pattern was anything to go by, we should see a final release of Explorer 8 by February […]

Using Litmus with Basecamp

One of our customers, Blutique, an interactive consultancy located in New Orleans, sent us a great example of how they’re presenting their Litmus test results to their clients using Basecamp. I asked them to explain a little more about the process, since I think it’s something other customers might be interested in. Here’s what they […]

Test your web applications using Litmus

From today you can check the browser compatibility of any part of your web application within seconds using Litmus. How does it work? The secret is our new Litmus bookmarklet – a single button you add to your local browser that lets you test inside your web applications (and other sites that need a login). […]