5 Productivity Killers for Email Teams: Webinar Recording + Q&A

Why are most email teams less productive than they’d like to be? We teamed up with the productivity experts from Trello to look at the biggest mistakes that kill team productivity and share what you can do to help your team create better emails, faster.

Didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar live? Don’t worry. You can access the full recording and slides at any time and read the Q&A here.

Does your brand need more than one ESP?

Your email service provider is the beating heart of your email program. It’s what connects your team’s ideas with your customer’s inbox, and it’s usually a big budget decision. There are scenarios when two—or three, or four—ESPs are better than one.

In our latest State of Email Service Providers Report, we explored how teams of all sizes and structures send their emails. What we found were some scenarios that just might do better with multiple ESPs.

New in Litmus: Outlook for Office 365 + Dark Mode

Microsoft Outlook has been around for decades. Although it’s gone through countless iterations, it remains one of the most popular email clients around, currently placing #4 in our email client market share. The latest update to Outlook on desktop, made available to users of Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription, continues in the same vein as prior versions but introduces a few challenges for email marketers, especially around Dark Mode.

Curious what Outlook for Office 365 has in store? Read on to learn more about Microsoft’s latest release.

How to Seamlessly Transition to the New Litmus: Webinar Recording + Q&A

Last year, we released the new, redesigned Litmus, helping you build, test, review, and analyze every email in one seamless view. The new platform has the power to bring your email process to the next level, but we know that transitioning to a new workflow isn’t always easy. Catch up on our webinar all about the new Litmus and how to transition your team—plus get the answers to the questions we received.

Trending in Email Design: Dark Styles

Dark email designs have been gaining momentum over the last year as various email clients and apps have rolled out Dark Mode support. Bright designs can create a very jarring experience when viewed in Dark Mode, so designers have started to consider a “Dark Mode first” approach, crafting inspirational creative that looks great for all subscribers, no matter which color scheme they set their inboxes to.

Which brands do dark email designs well, you ask? Get inspired by these beautiful examples.

How to Make Collecting Campaign Feedback Less Painful

For some email marketers, the email approvals process is too burdensome. On average, marketers spend 4.2 hours gathering reviews and approvals for a single email, which is usually longer than it took to code it. Others may be struggling with an email review workflow that’s too lax, leading to errors slipping through the cracks.

Does it really have to be this way? Let’s explore.