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See how your pages appear in popular web browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms.


  • Chrome
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  • Chrome
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  • iPhone 5s
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Optimize for the entire subscriber journey

Ensure your emails—and your landing pages—look great and work across environments.

Identify browser rendering issues

Browse through the previews and flag any pages that aren’t displaying as intended.

Easily share page test results

Create a public version of your Page Testing results to share with others.

Design landing pages for every device

Make sure your pages perform and look great for every visitor, everywhere.

Explorer 9 win 7
Explorer 10 win 7
Explorer 11 win 7
Safari 8 OSX
Safari 9 OSX
Chrome OSX

Page Testing for Designers

Be consistent and responsive everywhere

In addition to previewing emails, see how the pages you’re linking to appear across popular web browsers before sending.

The easiest way to test

Preview your pages quickly and easily in seconds.

Litmus for Designers

Page Testing for Marketers

Optimize the subscriber experience

See how the pages you’re linking to appear in popular web browsers on both desktop and mobile before you send.

Increase the performance and ROI of every email send

Increase website conversion rates by ensuring all pages are optimized for the devices and apps your subscribers use most.

Litmus for Marketers

Page Testing for Agencies

Optimize the subscriber experience for every client

Ensure not only the email, but also all the important linked pages off the email, are accessible to your clients’ subscribers.

Have peace of mind before every big campaign

Feel secure knowing all of your client’s sign up and lead generation forms are rendering appropriately.

Litmus for Agencies