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Preview and test HTML emails directly on your desktop or within your email service provider.

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Mark r

Mark Robbins


“I love the new Litmus Extension. It really speeds up our workflow and we can now test directly from our build environment in real time.”

  • Sublime
  • Gulp
Stig m

Stig Morten Myre

Campaign Monitor

“The Litmus Extension has practically eliminated all friction for me, allowing me to stay focused on the problem at hand. It works as a seamless interface between my local HTML file and the email client I’m trying to defeat. In practice, this means I try more variations and end up with better solutions.”

  • Coda
  • Grunt
Miah r

Miah Roberts

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“The Litmus Extension makes it extremely fluid when working on and making changes to an email. It’s amazing how it’s filled in the biggest gap with local development and Litmus testing. It has also created this perfect flow of sending an email to testing after finishing a build.”

  • Dreamweaver
Jonathan c

Jonathan Chua

Dollar Shave Club

“I use the Litmus Extension every day! I love the flexibility it offers for working with local files, whether it’s a hand-built HTML file or one rendered on a localhost. It gives me the shortest possible feedback loop so that I can build, troubleshoot, and hack to my heart’s content. It definitely helps me shave down my dev time.”

  • Sublime
  • Zurb
  • Gulp
Daniel b

Daniel Brown

Griffin Technology

“The Litmus Extension is as magical and useful as it sounds. Litmus has long been an essential tool in my development toolbox and now I can’t imagine living without their browser extension.”

  • Sublime