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See screenshots of your emails across 90+ apps and devices to ensure compatibility in all environments.

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How do email previews work?

Litmus delivers previews of your email in 90+ apps and devices in seconds.

Send email

1. Send your test email to Litmus

Your test email is sent to our bay of 1600 physical machines, using real email clients that are logged in and ready to receive your email just milliseconds after it’s sent.

Email recieved

2. Our software opens your email

Our software instructs the email client to open your email, all without making any modifications to the email client itself.

Emails loading

3. Litmus captures screenshots

Litmus takes highly optimized, lightning-fast screenshots of your email, delivering the highest quality images that represent exactly what your recipients see.

Emails loaded

4. You see your email in 90+ clients instantly

You receive previews of your email in 90+ clients just seconds after you sent it.

Test your emails across 90+ apps and devices

Available in Builder and Checklist, start previewing your emails to ensure they look great and perform everywhere.



Build, test, and troubleshoot your emails with the only code editor built specifically for email.

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