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August 2 - 4, 2017

Westin Waterfront Boston
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Real-world advice and practical tips

Free from product pitches and meaningless hype, Litmus Live is all about content: teaching designers, developers, marketers, and strategists how to create emails that look great, perform well, and engage audiences.

With sessions on data-driven email design, lifecycle campaign planning, cross-channel strategies, tools to automate email development, and more—there's something for everyone. And since this isn't a user or customer conference, anyone is welcome to attend!

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Highlights from 2016

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Stephanie mckay
Stephanie McKay
Senior Graphic Designer, DIA

“Had so many “aha!” moments during the last two days. Geeking out with kindred email spirits—this is my Disneyland!”

Eric lepetit
Interactive Email from Design to Deployment: A Brand Perspective
Eric Lepetit, Nest
Brenton anderson
Brenton Anderson
Email Dev, Southwest Airlines

“The communal and collaborative nature of the conference is great. I’ve been able to learn and network without being sold to.”

Vicky ge
Hey, Listen! Identifying, Measuring, and Using Implicit and Explicit Customer Signals
Vicky Ge, Amazon
Kayla beck
Kayla Beck
Marketing Manager, Southwest Airlines

“Awesome conference. Could you guys be any more nerdy? I mean that in a good way!”

Ivana simovic
What Do You Mean They Don’t Like Spam?! Getting Off a Blacklist
Ivana Simovic, Demac Media
Chris francis
Chris Francis
Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics

“Really impressed. Best industry conference I have attended. Really practical take aways.”

Logan baird
Email that Just Works: Must-Know Tactics Every Developer on a Deadline Should Know
Logan Baird, Emma

Past Speakers

Here's a list of just some of the talented email lovers that have spoken at Litmus Live in the past. See the full agenda and 2017 speakers below.

Vicky ge
Vicky Ge Twitter
Eric lepetit
Eric Lepetit Twitter
Kristen craft
Kristen Craft Twitter
Brian dellaterra
Brian Dellaterra Twitter
Constant Contact
Mark robbins
Mark Robbins Twitter
Ros hodgekiss
Ros Hodgekiss Twitter
Campaign Monitor
Emma goodman
Emma Goodman
Fabio carneiro
Fabio Carneiro Twitter
Andi mignolo
Andi Mignolo Twitter
Movable Ink
Logan baird
Logan Baird Twitter
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The Boston conference features two full days of marketing and development breakout sessions, a third bonus track, community and speaker networking opportunities, and more. Four optional half-day workshops are also available for an additional cost. Check back often—we'll be updating the schedule as plans for the conference fall into place.

August 2nd

Optional Workshops

* Requires purchase of workshop pass(es) to attend.

Troubleshooting Email Like a Pro | ALMOST SOLD OUT

Jason Rodriguez, Product Manager at Litmus Jaina Mistry, Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus

Learn how to squash nearly any email bug in this hands-on workshop. Discover why email rendering is such a pain and dive into the most common pitfalls in modern email design. Together, we’ll discuss why email clients do what they do and fixes for almost every problem you’ll encounter in email design today. We’ll also take time to look at your own campaigns and work through solutions to improve your next send. Each attendee will be eligible to submit a campaign for inclusion.

What we’ll cover:

  • How email clients render campaigns
  • Common bugs in popular email clients
  • Solutions for challenging rendering problems
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Plus, personalized troubleshooting of your submitted emails

Leave with a strong understanding of how different email clients affect your emails, the bugs they introduce, and techniques for combatting any problems you may encounter when designing and developing HTML email campaigns.

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate email designers and marketers looking to build and send more reliable and effective email campaigns.

This is a hands-on workshop. Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty!

Targeted Emails & Lifecycle Messaging Strategies | ALMOST SOLD OUT

Chad White, Research Director at Litmus

One-size-fits-all broadcast emails are becoming gradually less effective. Subscribers expect more. They expect brands to routinely fulfill at least one facet of the paradigm of “delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.”

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn about different methods for creating targeted email messages
  • Understand the subscriber lifecycle
  • Find out about the latest trends in automated emails
  • Audit your triggered email program and identify new emails to add
  • Uncover opportunities to “review and improve” emails you thought were “set it and forget it”
  • See dozens of real-world examples to inspire your own emails

This workshop is perfect for beginner to intermediate email marketers, as well as designers and coders looking to broaden their understanding of personalization and triggered messaging.




Advanced Responsive Email and Layouts | SOLD OUT

Kevin Mandeville Product Manager at Litmus

If you know your way around basic HTML emails, simple media queries, and common email rendering quirks, but are confused by how to tackle the rendering challenges that come with advanced layout and responsive design concepts, this workshop is for you.

We'll review the state of responsive email and cover advanced layout and structural techniques. You'll learn the pros and cons to each approach from development and testing time to maintainability as well as the hacks at your disposal to tackle each technique.

The following layout and structure techniques will be covered:

  • Hybrid/spongy technique
  • Display table method
  • Three table-cell technique
  • Drop calc method
  • Fab four technique
  • Mobile-first adaptive method

You'll walk away with a mastery of advanced layout methods along with the knowledge of how to decide which layout techniques work best for you

This is a hands-on workshop where you'll be live coding. Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty with hacks!

Deliverability: From Builder to the Inbox

Jay Brangiforte, Product Manager at Litmus

You've spent hours crafting a perfect email only to discover that it never made it to the inbox. Now what? Learn the basic concepts of deliverability, how to improve delivery rates, and how you can sustain deliverability through design, segmentation, and frequency.

We’ll discuss:

  • How emails are seen from both a customer and ISP perspective
  • How to troubleshoot common deliverability problems
  • How to create emails with customer security and trust in mind
  • Email authentication, signing policies, and more

Whether you’re new to email or have been involved with it for years, this workshop will provide you with quick wins and long-term suggestions to ensure your messages stay in the inbox.


Community Meet-Up

August 3rd

Conference Day 1




Welcome + Opening Remarks


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Kathryn Grayson Nanz, G3 Communications

I don't know about you, but I'm very familiar with the feeling that I'm just sitting at my keyboard "faking it 'til I make it." But let me tell you a secret: We're all just making it up as we go...and that's the best part of our job! Impostor Syndrome holds us back and tells us that we don't deserve to be here, but it's wrong. We're gonna name, recognize, and take steps to overcome Impostor Syndrome—because when we push past that uncomfortable feeling and force ourselves into uncharted territory, that's where the good stuff happens.


How to Plan SMAARRRT Lifecycle Emails

Janet Choi,

Data-Driven Design: One Email, Five Audiences

Logan Baird, Emma

There are so many email design best practices in our world right now, it can be difficult to discern which are the right ones to apply to your own work—some of the advice even seems to contradict itself! In this talk, we'll walk through the design and development of an email, showing at each step (imagery, typography, content layout, code structure) how we can use relevant subscriber data to guide our design choices.

How to Run a Successful Email Planning Workshop

Lindsay Brothers, Indeed



Best Practices and Inspiration for Translating Your Brand into Email

Belinda Blakley, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

How do you adapt a brand designed in the Wild West of print and web design (where there are no tables) to fit a into the boxy limits of an email? While print and web design afford many visual opportunities, email is the number one way customers interact with your brand. Giving email a get-out-of-branding-free card is a missed opportunity to connect with customers. Using three case studies, examples from well‐known brands, and the theory of graceful degradation, I'll show you how to fully develop and express your brand through email. You'll walk away with strategies, code examples, and inspiration for you to get your out‐of‐the‐box brand packed nicely into an email.

Getting the Most From Your Email Data with Python Data Munging

Jacqueline Boltik

One Freelancer’s Journey from the Big City to Rural Canada

Clinton Wilmott

Learn how to get (and work with!) clients, market yourself, develop a healthy work/life balance, and stay true to your values.


Live Optimization Session




Putting Data to Work in Email Marketing

Jessica Best, Barkley

We keep saying that we want MORE DATA. But has it made us better at our jobs? Do we need more data? Or more USEFUL data? Here’s some data for you: Marketers are using between 1 and 15 different databases/data sources across their campaigns. Over half of marketers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration (Source: Adobe). This session is for those email marketers that know the data to drive their email program—and measure its success—exists but can’t get their hands on it. We’ll talk about the benefits (and costs) of ESPs vs CRMs vs DMPs and which one you need depending on your industry and number of data sources.

Attendees in this session will learn:

  • How to choose data to use in email marketing that boosts return on investment
  • How to make a case for sharing analytics across teams
  • How to integrate multiple data sources, from easy plug‐ins to complex data power tools

Developing Emails Using CSS Grid

Elliot Ross, Action Rocket

Email Workflow Insights (Part I): Production Cycles, Tools, and QA

Chad White, Litmus Elizabeth Zaretsky, Freelance Writer and Digital Strategist Kristina Moy, Event Marketing and Advertising Specialist Chris Clemente, Director of Email Marketing

Recovering from Fallen Engagement and Dusty Records

Aime O'Keefe + Lauren Hartog, Discover The Palm Beaches

It's easy to blame technology for dropping email engagement, but what's really happening to your results? Hear how Lauren and Aime created a stimulus plan to recover email engagement from 2% to 16% average open rates in just 6 months. Intended for all leadership levels of strategic email marketing, learn how even the most limited of teams can identify what's really to blame in failed campaigns, and how to recover rapidly in front of stakeholders.

Page Weight & Image Optimization

Henri Helvetica

Email Workflow Insights (Part II): Planning, Approvals, and Interventions

Chad White, Litmus Elizabeth Zaretsky, Freelance Writer and Digital Strategist Kristina Moy, Event Marketing and Advertising Specialist Chris Clemente, Director of Email Marketing

Speed Dating + Break


Email’s Role in Cross‑Channel Orchestration

Matt Vollmer, Listrak

Email will continue to be the most efficient and cost effective channel to engage customers. During this session, we will explore channels that can be used to supplement and supercharge your email strategies. We will dive into real-world creative and targeting tactics to help you get started in channels like SMS and paid social. We’ll also look at how you can take what you’ve already learned from email and use it to test tactics in new channels.

Mobile Email Device Detection

Steven Collins, Rebelmail

How Litmus Can Help Streamline Your Workflow

Muhammad Rehman, Litmus

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for session information.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for session information.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for session information.


August 4th

Conference Day 2




Welcome to Day 2


Email Delivery—What a Process!

Eric Ross, Progressive Insurance

This session instructs teams responsible for email delivery about the importance of well-crafted processes and tactical planning. Everyone involved in the email delivery process owns the quality and execution of the digital communication customers receive. This shared approach results in emails that promote a company's brand and keeps your customers engaged. The session will walk you through the processes used by one of the largest insurance companies in the industry. You'll leave with a list of actions for creating and implementing your own process and an understanding of how to avoid pitfalls of email pandemonium!


Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments

Tyler Michel, Square

Email is uniquely great for experimentation. With the right balance of art and science, you can leverage email experimentation to expand your impact far beyond the scope of the channel.

In this session, marketers, analysts and designers will discover:

  • What makes email experimentation so powerful
  • Reusable frameworks for deciding what to experiment
  • How to create a strong hypothesis and test design
  • How to measure impact and discover audience insights

Email as Art: Taking Email Design to the Next Level

Sam Beddoes, Action Rocket

Rest assured we won't be making abstract Jackson Pollock-esque emails in this session. We'll take a look at how to move email design beyond ESP templates and standard practices to create something that feels beautiful, unique, and handmade. By combining your email's message with photography, typography, concise content, and holistic thinking you can create something subscribers will love, rather than just another email. We'll focus on the design aesthetics of email with a ton of inspirational examples for trends and layout—without a single line of code in sight. Whether you're just getting started in email design or you're a seasoned pro, this is 30 minutes you won't want to miss.

Solutions for Digital Marketing in Regulated Industries

Kiere Shaffer, Everyday Health

Email has its own unique set of limitations, and when you add the challenges of regulated industries, remote workers, or difficult clients, how does anything ever get done?! Strategy and strong internal process is key; with these in place, teams can rapidly create in an otherwise daunting landscape of road blocks and red tape. Learn how teams of any size can optimize their workflows and get s%*t done.




Catching Up With Consumer Trends: B2B Email Marketing

Melanie Kinney, G3 Communications

B2B emails don't have to be boring (or blue)! Consumer trends such as animated GIFs, strong visuals, and creative fonts may seem overwhelming or non-applicable in the B2B space, but there's more to borrow from them than you may think. This session will explore popular consumer email trends and use side-by-side examples to discuss how these ideas can be adapted for the needs of the B2B industry. Get ready to be inspired to view consumer content in a new way!

Hybrid Email Development and Outlook DPI Scaling

Courtney Fantinato, BSTRO

Getting Started with Interactive Email

Alice Li, Shutterstock

Live Optimization Session




What We Learned Completely Rebuilding Our Onboarding Flows

Micaela Wright, Lucid Software

When you come into a new marketing automation position, it's usually one of two situations: (1) You're building the program from the ground up (2) You're inheriting a long‐existing program. Rarely do you get the opportunity to completely rebuild a program after you've been at a company for a sustained amount of time, having learned the product and users. When Lucidchart went through a business model change a year ago, they had the unique opportunity to do just that. While overwhelming at first, there is a unique advantage in not starting with a blank slate of knowledge; Micaela had spent a year and a half getting to know their user base ‐ and it paid off big time when they launched.

Enterprise Solutioning Using Loops and Automation

Nick Goldsberry, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for session information.

Speed Dating + Break


The Path Forward (without the Pitfalls) with Preference Centers

Lauren Kremer, ProQuest

"Go the extra mile—it's never crowded," is not only a great personal motto, but it also applies to extending the digital presence of your brand. While a company can get by with a standard subscribe/unsubscribe page, they're missing the mark of helping their customers have a lasting experience. Ideal for anyone looking to enhance their current preference or subscription center, this session will cover why these pages are a key part of your email journey, how to set realistic (and immovable) goals, establishing KPIs, gathering your team, and managing expectations. You'll leave knowing that creating or revising your preference center is a venture well worth taking.

Automating Your Email Development Cycle

Jeremy Peter, meltmedia Cloud

Learn how to improve the quality and speed of your email development using boilerplates, HTML snippets, and build tools like Gulp to do common tasks for you. Automating your email workflow will improve your code quality and shorten your QA process, resulting in faster development cycles and consistency between campaigns. Perfect for email developers already comfortable with HTML and CSS, this session will help you take your email production game to next-level status.

Make Your Case: Getting Buy-In for Email Ideas, Tools, and Techniques

Kayla Lewkowicz, Litmus Jaina Mistry, Litmus Nicole Swift, Litmus

Have lots of big ideas, but aren't able to convince your boss, team, or clients that they're the right ones? In this session, panelists from across the email industry will talk through their top tips for getting buy-in for email ideas, tools, and techniques. Attendees will leave confident to make their case for the email resources they need.


There’s No I in Campaign: How to Make Your Emails Work Together

Marli Mesibov & Jon Mackin, Mad*Pow

What distinguishes a successful email campaign from a series of emails? A story. As a content strategist and a digital marketer working together, we've developed a set of best practices that go beyond the typical email campaign setup. We've designed an integrated process for connecting with target audiences and telling them a story: One where they are the main character. In this talk, we'll walk through a case study of how one client went from unassociated emails to a successful marketing campaign. Then we'll share takeaways and steps for participants to do it themselves.


Wrap-up & Farewell

Conference venue & accommodations

The Westin Boston Waterfront, located in the bustling Seaport neighborhood, serves as both the conference venue and hotel for attendees.

Boston venue


The Westin Boston Waterfront
425 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: (617) 532-4600

The Westin Boston Waterfront, a AAA Four Diamond award-winning hotel, is located in the heart of the bustling Boston Seaport district. The hotel is less than three miles from Logan International Airport, as well as a short cab, bus, water taxi, or train ride away from Back Bay, the North End, and all that Boston has to offer!

More venue info
Boston hotel

Where to stay

The Westin Boston Waterfront
425 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: (617) 532-4600

The Westin Boston Waterfront is offering attendees rooms at the reduced rate of $289 plus tax per night. Rooms are limited and you must book by July 2nd. Book online or call (617) 532-4600 and mention Litmus Live to receive the discounted rate.

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Frequently asked questions

More questions? Send a note to We’re happy to help!

What does the ticket price include?

A regular session pass includes access to sessions on Thursday and Friday; breakfast, lunch, and plenty of coffee and snacks each day; plus admission to evening events.

Workshop passes also include lunch on Wednesday, and the workshop(s) you selected.

Are workshops included with my ticket?

No. Workshops are available as a package purchase with a regular session ticket.

Can I just attend a workshop?

No. Workshops are only available as part of regular conference registration.

Do you have free/discounted/non-profit tickets?

A small number tickets are available through Patron giveaways—more details will be available on the blog.

Will sessions be recorded or available for live stream?

Most sessions at the Boston event will be recorded, and attendees will receive session recordings after the event. Workshops are not recorded. Some sessions may be available for live stream. Keep checking back for more information.

Are there other cities and dates?

We’ll be in London from August 29th-30th and in San Francisco from September 21st-22nd. The agendas and speakers are different, though!

What is the conference agenda?

The Boston conference features two full days of marketing and development breakout sessions, a third bonus track, community and speaker networking opportunities, and more. Four optional pre-conference workshops are also available for an additional cost.

Wednesday, August 2nd—Optional Workshops: Morning workshops will run from approximately 8am-12pm, and afternoon workshops will run from approximately 1pm-5pm. All workshops include lunch.

Thursday, August 3rd—Conference Day 1: Breakfast begins at 8am and the conference kicks off at 9am with three tracks of breakout sessions, which will run until approximately 5pm.

Friday, August 4th—Conference Day 2: Breakfast begins at 8am and the conference kicks off at 9am with three tracks of breakout sessions, which will run until approximately 5pm.

Sessions are generally 30 minutes long, and will cover a variety of topics on email marketing and email development. Attendees can attend sessions across all three tracks and can switch tracks at any time. All sessions are recorded and distributed to attendees after the event. Not sure what to expect? Take a look at last year's agenda.

More questions?

You’re a curious bunch! Send a note to We’re happy to help!

City-by-City Comparison

Each location offers a slightly different schedule and agenda; speakers and sessions will vary. Check out the city-by-city comparison.

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London illustration


San francisco illustration

San Francisco

Event Date August 2 - 4, 2017 August 29 - 30, 2017 September 21 - 22, 2017
Event Venue Westin Boston Waterfront etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate Park Central Hotel
Number of Workshops 4 3 3
Tracks of Content 3 2 2
Days of Content 2 1.5 1.5
Number of Attendees 600 300 300

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