How to Code HTML5 Video Background in Email

Last week, we sent the launch email for The Email Design Conference. We knew we couldn’t promote THE Email Design Conference with just any email, which is why we aimed for a forward-thinking and uniquely impressive one. Naturally, we wanted it to be so amazing that people couldn’t help but attend the conference to learn about the tricks we used.

Downtime on Sunday, November 28

As part of our continued expansion we’re moving part of our infrastructure to larger, more powerful servers hosted with Rackspace. The key benefit is that in future we’ll be able to scale up that part of the system with minimal downtime. The process will take up to 6 hours, beginning at 3am EST on Sunday, […]

Early Preview of Facebook Messages

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get early access to the new Facebook Messages. I’ve spent some time looking at its support for HTML email and wanted to report back on my early findings. In short: it’s looking quite promising. Plain text is king When you first open an email, the plain text part will […]

Reputation-based Spam Reports

If there’s one piece of feedback we receive on an almost daily basis, it’s that our spam filtering should take into account the sender’s reputation. Today we’re thrilled to announce that Litmus now offers comprehensive, reputation-based spam filter testing! Why does reputation matter? Roughly speaking, about 50% of the decision to deliver your message to […]