Back to the Basics: Are You Testing Your Emails?

Ever send an email campaign only to get swamped by replies saying that it looks broken in subscribers’ inboxes? Nine times out of ten, broken campaigns come down to a failure to test before sending. Learn why email preview testing is one of the most important tools for email marketers.


Email Design: A Community of Hacks

Email designers face a lot of rendering issues. Fortunately, they’re a clever bunch of people and have come up with some great hacks to keep campaigns looking great. The Litmus Community recently divulged some of their favorite email hacks. Care to share yours?


6 Gmail Changes Every Email Marketer Should Know

Over the past year, Gmail has been through a whirlwind of changes. As if all of its rendering and CSS quirks didn’t make Gmail a pain for email designers already, these recent updates have kept the email marketing world on its toes. Should designers and marketers be concerned about these updates to Gmail? What, if anything, should we do in response? Our eBook gives you the information you need to be a Gmail expert, along with recommendations and tips for reacting to the changes.


5 Takeaways from The 2014 Science of Email Report

The email marketing world is constantly evolving: subscriber preferences change, support for HTML and CSS is added, and email clients change the way we manage our inboxes. It’s up to us as marketers and designers to stay up on these trends to ensure that we’re putting our best email foot forward. Together with HubSpot’s email team, we looked at attitudes towards marketing, the effective components of emails, and email open data across half a billion emails to bring you the 2014 Science of Email Report.


The Ultimate Guide to Email Image Blocking

One of the largest problems that email campaigns face is image blocking. Considering that 43% of Gmail users read email without turning images on, it’s more important than ever to make sure your emails are legible and actionable, especially when images can’t be seen.


3 Steps to Successful Subscriber Reengagement

Relationships with your subscribers begin just like any other—with a pretty exquisite honeymoon period. As time passes, though, interest tends to wane. Another coupon code? Meh. 30 more photos of cute cats? Yawn. A newsletter full of untargeted content? Really? Not to worry! Just because the initial spark is gone doesn’t mean you have to grow apart. Through strategic reengagement campaigns, you can remind subscribers that you’re unforgettable (because that’s what you are).


Gmail Does It Again: The New Promotions Tab

If one topic dominated email marketing conversations in 2013, it was definitely Gmail tabs. The auto-organization of consumer inboxes struck general fear and uncertainty in the hearts of email marketers everywhere. Buckle your seatbelts, my friends. Gmail has done it again—displaying messages in a grid format with heavy emphasis on visuals rather than just plain text.