misleading subject lines

RE: Misleading Subject Lines

Crafting a perfect subject line isn’t easy. But sometimes, marketers take it a step too far. Rather than earn their subscribers’ attention with a subject line that connects with their needs, emotions, or aspirations, too often, we see brands using deceptive subject lines to trick their subscribers into opening. It’s a dangerous approach that damages subscribers’ trust, hurts your brand image, and violates anti-spam laws.


Say No to No-reply Email Addresses

Sometimes overlooked, the reply-to email address and name are key identifiers for your subscribers. This is especially true if your subscribers choose to reply to an email—which many do! From a customer service viewpoint, they’re important parts of your email that should never be overlooked. However, there’s contention over what the ideal reply-to email address and name. But, one thing’s for certain—never use a no-reply address.


6 Ways Agencies Can Save Time Building Emails

With so many nuances that go into building and setting up emails for your clients, any shortcuts or ways to make the production process more efficient can make a big difference. In this post, we walk through six ways your team can save time, budget, and headaches when creating emails.