Introducing Nichole

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the Litmus team—Nichole! Alongside the rest of the support team, Nichole is here to answer any questions (or listen to any of your valuable feedback!) you have about Litmus. Based in California, she’ll be able to offer assistance to our customers in that region.


Introducing Kristen, Webinar & Events Manager

We’re thrilled to introduce Kristen, Webinar & Events Manager. At Litmus, Kristen focuses on all things events—both online and offline. She’ll be planning The Email Design Conference, and managing webinars, speaking and sponsorship opportunities, and internal events. She’s excited to bring the Litmus brand to life through new and already existing events in 2016.


Introducing Amir, Content Designer

Hello! My name is Amir and I’m the Content Designer here at Litmus. As Content Designer my role is to visualize all of the marketing team’s efforts, such as blog post images, infographics, and ebooks, as well as further develop the Litmus brand.


Introducing Olga

Hey all! I’m Olga and I’m a software engineer here at Litmus. I started a few months back, but haven’t had a chance to say hello—I’ve been busy working on the exciting launch of our new features!


Introducing Mark, Systems Administrator

Hey all! I’m thrilled to introduce myself as Litmus’ System Administrator. My role is to manage the infrastructure and networks that run Litmus, working closely with our engineering team to ensure we continue to provide reliable and useful service as our user base continues to grow.


Introducing John, Growth Director

My name is John, Growth Director here at Litmus. As Growth Director, I have the privilege of helping to spread the Litmus message to even more people who need our help. This means I’ll be working with others to think of new ways to reach people, helping to grow not only our footing in the email industry, but you as well.


Introducing Nadia

We’re thrilled to welcome Nadia to the team! Alongside the rest of the support team, Nadia is here to answer any questions (or listen to any feedback) you have about Litmus. Based in the UK, she’s able to offer early morning assistance to our international customers.