Automatically Tag Tests with Your Static Email Address

Static email addresses provide a permanent, reusable email address to submit email tests to Litmus. If you’d rather not click the “new email test” button every time you’re ready to send a test, your static email address is the way to go! Each Litmus user/login has their very own static email address which can be found in […]

New Dashboard Design and Small UX Enhancements

We’ve recently rolled out a stunning new dashboard design along with a handful of small, but meaningful, UX improvements. New dashboard design The new dashboard is the landing page after you first log into your account that displays all your recent email and page tests. Improvements in the new design include: Captures of your eight […]

Improve Your Troubleshooting Workflow with Interactive Testing

I’m really excited to share a sneak peek into an incredible new feature we’ve been working on! Interactive Testing is a game-changing new tool that will help you preview and troubleshoot campaigns like never before. Instead of simply getting a screenshot of your email, you can interact with the email client and make changes in real-time. […]


Get Your Email Opened: First Impressions Make an Impact

Designing an effective email involves more than just beautiful graphics. The subscriber’s experience with your message starts long before the subscriber ever opens the email, as they evaluate the trustworthiness of your from name and their level of interest in your subject line. We answer the question: Why is my email opened? (Or not) The […]

A Closer Look at Email Engagement

Reputation and engagement are increasingly important factors when it comes to reaching your audience through email marketing. Running your emails through Litmus’ spam filter analysis tool can give you an indication of the likelihood of your email being marked as spam, but subscriber (in)activity can ultimately determine whether your email makes it to the inbox. Our infographic […]