Email Testing in Chrome Has Arrived!

Google’s Chrome browser has been steadily gaining market share in recent months. With more consumers choosing to use Chrome during their personal browsing time away from the office, it’s no surprise that we’ve also seen an uptick in email-related Chrome usage recently. This data, along with plenty of customer requests, was a pretty compelling reason […]

Remove Gaps in Images

How To Remove Gaps Under Images in Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo!

While hardly breaking news, the appearance of gaps underneath images in Hotmail (and more recently, Gmail and Yahoo!) is still an issue. It’s also been well-covered by many of our friends and partners in the email world. For designers and marketers new to the quirks of creating HTML emails, here’s a quick overview to remove gaps under images.

Why Do Email Designs Break?

A guide for when email rendering goes wild Ever wondered why emails break? Most of the time, we chalk rendering issues up to poor HTML and CSS support from email clients. Turns out they’re not always the bad guys! Stop scratching your head every time an email doesn’t look quite like it should, and reference […]

Hiding ‘Today’ Ads in Yahoo! Mail

Just yesterday we wrote about how Yahoo! Mail recently started displaying news story ads to Yahoo! users viewing their email on a smartphone or through an IMAP connection. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve found a method for preventing these pesky ads from being displayed on your emails. Hiding news story ads To remove […]

Retiring the Postini Spam Filter

UPDATE: August 20, 2012—Postini spam tests have been re-enabled. Get more details in this updated blog post. We’re disappointed to announce that spam filter testing for Postini is no longer available via Litmus. Since its purchase by Google in 2007, Postini has been slowly declining in popularity. In addition, Google recently stopped supporting Postini as a standalone […]

New Email Clients & Browsers Added

We are pleased to now offer several new updates to email testing and page testing for all Litmus subscriptions! New Email Clients Available With the recent releases of OS X and iOS 5 also came new versions of Apple Mail for both the desktop and iPhone. We’re excited to offer both of these email clients […]