Litmus makes your email better

Your subscribers open email across many different apps and devices. Litmus is the easiest way for teams to create great email for every subscriber, everywhere.

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Test emails quickly

Manually testing your email across the variety of apps and devices your subscribers use can take hours. With Litmus, you can test your email in over 70 apps and devices with just one click.

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Catch costly errors

Test the critical elements of your email with a simple, automated check. It’s easy to catch broken links, images, and tracking, as well as scan your subject line for improvements, test load time, and more.

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Make collaboration easier

Work on email projects without sending files back and forth to your team, manage private groups or subaccounts to stay organized across departments or clients, and more.

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Get detailed subscriber insights

Use geolocation and device open insights to allow your team to better prioritize its design and optimization efforts. See where your subscribers open, which devices they’re using, and how long they spend reading your email.

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Reach the inbox

Want to avoid the spam folder? Scan your email across all the major spam filters to identify potential issues and fix them before you send.

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